Access Control Panels Solution

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Access Control Panels Solution

Access Control Panels

Why choose a access control system from ANV Security?

Access Controls offer a wide range of on-line access control solutions using a comprehensive range of suppliers to enable the correct solution for your security needs. Systems can be tailored to suite individual requirements for your access solution.

On-line systems offer dedicated reports of movement, times of entry / exit, persons can be restricted from entry through certain doors or areas, at selected times, thus allowing managers to police staff movements as required. Adding and deleting cards or fobs, altering locking times and zones can be programmed easily using windows based software.

Users can be traced as a highlighted colour on the systems display showing their movements around the access system as they enter controlled areas. If a users has been deleted from the system and the fob or card has not been returned, they system will deny access whilst still reading the fob or card, together with the time and door reference they have attempted entry.

These systems also offer temporary staff and visitors access options either via full or restricted access for certain doors / areas together with a validated start and end dates, ensuring security is maintained after temporary contact or visit has expired.